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Metal industry


Valitse kaikki


Aluminium coating

Finishing and protective agent for installation work on air conditioning equipment, pipes and refrigeration machines.

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Installation grease

For maintenance and installation work with machines and equipment.

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Antiseize paste

Installation grease

For maintenance and installation work with machines and equipment.

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Care Dose Hair & Body shower gel

Shower gel for hair and body

Shower gel for the body and the hair brings relaxing freshness to shower time. Refreshes and invigorates. Green-coloured; citrus-floral scent.

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Care Dose Shampoo

Shampoo for all air types

The conditioning shampoo removes static electricity from the hair and improves combing ease. Rich foam, fruity scent.

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Care Dose Soap

Liquid soap for hands and body

Fresh floral scent that lingers for a short while, soft foam.

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Cutting oil

An aerosol cutting fluid for demanding industrial use and in repair shops.

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Drylube 100

Dry lubricant

Dry lubricant for all non-staining targets requiring lubrication.

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Electronics cleaner

For cleaning electronic, optical and electrical devices.

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Erisan Antiseptic Hand Rub

Antiseptic hand rub

For hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. A hand rinse developed for professional use, suitable for any situations with high hygiene requirements.

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Erisan Disinfectant wipes

For disinfection of skin

For a good hand disinfection. Erisan Disinfectant Wipes are individually wrapped non-woven fabric wipes moisturised with disinfectant that are thicker than normal refreshing wipes.

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Erisan Dose Hair & Body shower shampoo

Shower shampoo for washing the body and hair

Fragrance-free, gently foaming shower shampoo washes without drying the skin – suitable also for sensitive skin. Easily rinsable, rich with moisturizing ingredients. Contains antistatic agents for haircare. Pleasantly foaming, easy to rinse. The product has a Nordic Ecolabel and is approved by Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation.

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Erisan Dose Soap

Liquid soap for washing the hands and body

The fragrance-free, clear liquid soap washes gently without drying the skin. Developed for sensitive skin, suitable for frequent handwash – also for professional use. Pleasant foam, easy to rinse. The product has a Nordic Ecolabel and is approved by Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation.

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Erisan Etasept hand rub

Disinfectant hand rub

Effective, skin caring hand rub destroys bacteria, mould, yeast and viruses.

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Erisan Mild liquid soap

For the body, hands and hair

Erisan Mild liquid soap is an unscented, colourless and skin-friendly liquid soap. It is well suited for frequent hand-washing and use when showering, including when washing hair. The product is also suitable for use by those with sensitive skin.

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Erisan Nonsid liquid soap

Mild liquid soap

Erisan Nonsid mild liquid soap is recommended for washing of patients, as a shower gel, for hair and body.

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Erisan Soap liquid soap

Liquid soap for washing hands and the body

A safe, fragrance free liquid soap, contains skin-protective agents and moisturizers.

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F 49 Vaahdonesto

For preventing excessive foaming in food industry.

Liquid antifoaming agent for food industry

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A combined degreaser and fe-phosphatizing agent

For the fe-phosphatizing of iron and steel by spray treatment as well as for degreasing and removal of oxides on aluminium and galvanized surfaces.

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Cold spray

Quick local freezing. Makes it easier and faster to localize a thermally failed component, heat breaker, relay, thermostat, cold joint etc. Facilitates installing and removing bearings. A good tool for e.g. car repair shop installations. Can also be used for removing bubble gum from textiles.

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Cleaning foam

Cleaning spray for glass, mirrors and hard surfaces.

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HC 38 HandCleaner hand washing paste

Solvent-free hand washing paste

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Isosept antiseptic hand rub

An antiseptic hand rub for hands

A gel-form antiseptic hand rub for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. It is easy to apply and stays on the skin long enough to make the antiseptic action most effective.

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Käsidesi antiseptic hand rub

Antiseptic hand rub

Käsidesi is recommended for high level hand hygiene in healthcare: wards, central sterilization units and food service.

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Kiilto Care Duett

For handwashing and as a shower shampoo..

Colourful, freshly scented and pleasantly foaming liquid soap, which cleans the skin and hair gently, yet efficiently. Contains glycerol to prevent the skin from drying.

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Kiilto Care Erilen shower shampoo

Hair and body shampoo

Erilen shampoo is a multipurpose shampoo for washing both hair and body. As part of the Kiilto Care range Erilen is mildly scented and pleasant even in daily use. Swan label.

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Kiilto Care Soap

Liquid soap

For washing the hands and body. An invigorating liquid soap, which contains moisturizing and conditioning natural oils, gently cleansing without drying the skin. Gives you a clean, soft and fresh feeling after washing. A pleasant floral-green scent with clear blue colour. The product has been awarded with the Nordic Eco-label.

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Kiilto HandDes NewLine dosing device

An automatic dosing device for public spaces

An automatic dosing device developed for 5L packages. A lockable, safe to use device for public spaces.

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Kiilto Non Touch

Automatic dosing device

Automatic dosing device developed for 1 l dispenser packages. A lockable, safe to use device for health care and public premises. When the motion sensor recognises a hand under the device, it dispenses a predetermined dose of hand rinse or liquid soap – always the right amount, without touching.

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Kiilto P 100

Weakly alkaline general cleaner

Teho A 100 is an efficient cleaner for very dirty locations. Especially powerful for removing grime dirt. Suitable for all hard surfaces and for both hand and machine methods. Recommended for cleaning rubber floors and Pulastic-sports floors.

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Kiilto Presstech L

Stain remover

For removing stains from hard surfaces.

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Kiilto Rosterit

Cleaning and protective agent for steel surfaces

For cleaning and protecting steel surfaces. Not suitable for surfaces that are in contact with food.

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Leak indicator

For localising leaks in pressure air networks, valves, gas devices, brake systems, tyres, hoses, pipe systems, welding joints and other pressurised devices.

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M 13 degreasing agent

Degreasing agent

For cleaning metal parts by spraying and dipping methods. Suitable for iron, aluminium, light metal and alloy parts. Can also be used in electrolytic washes.

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Meta 100 cleaning agent

Acidic agent for cleaning and removal of deposits

A hydrochloric acid based washing agent for the removal of among other things rust, millscale, limestone, limestone deposits, concrete splashes, concrete glue, ferrosulphate and algae.

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MP 180 cleaning agent

Washing liquid concentrate

A general basic washing agent that is suitable for the removal of among other things grease, oil, resin, soot, charcoal, tar and mould.

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Multipurpose oil

Lubricant for use in industry, maintenance departments and repair shops.

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A vegetable oil ester based solvent emulsion for metal surface washing.

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Pilocomp CI2

Corrosion inhibitor

A corrosion inhibitor for immersion washing and rinsing and cooling water systems.

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Pilotech B3

Mildly alkaline detergent for grease removal and component wash

For the removal of processing fluids, slushing oil and grease from steel and metal alloys by using spray or immersion methods.

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Pilotech Ultra N

Neutral detergent concentrate

Removal of grease, wax polish, vegetable oil based liquids and other impurities in applications involving immersion and ultrasonic cleaning as well as vibration grinding.

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Grease and glue removal in industry, maintenance departments, garages and painting shops.

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Pressure cleaner

Non-flammable pressure cleaner for removing loose dirt and dust from all surfaces materials.

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Lubricating oil

For the conveyors, roller conveyors, hinges, slide rails, levers, joints, etc. For all targets that require long-lasting lubrication that tolerates large temperature fluctuation.

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Sealant and paint remover

For removing various sealants, paints, glues, tapes and their residues.

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Silicone rubber sealant

Elastic single component silicone rubber sealant.

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Rust remover

For rust removal in industrial applications, maintenance departments and repair shops.

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Chemical key

For loosening rusty bolts, nuts, various parts and joints.

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Glass cleaner

Cleaning wind screens and other glass surfaces in cars.

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Silicone oil

Lubricating and protective agent for use in the food, paper, metal and other industries, maintenance and repair shops. Lubricates and protects seals, moulds, etc.

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Grease and glue removal in industry, maintenance departments, garages and painting shops. Can be used for removing silicone and tar stains and residues from tape, insulating tape or labels from various surface materials.

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Telimax cleaner concentrate

Cleaner concentrate for the removal of heavy dirt

For the most demanding washing and cleaning of transport equipment And industrial objects; external washes, cleaning engines and components, industrial grease removal washes, washes of floors and walls i.e. for cleaning almost all water tolerant surfaces.

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Telinol cleaning agent

Alkaline cleaning ang grease removal agent

For the removal of oil and grease based industrial contamination and greasy soot from alkaline tolerant surfaces. Also suitable for the cleaning of facades and vehicles.

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TK 123 cleaning agent

Alkaline multi-metal cleaning agent

A low-foaming cleaning agent for the cleaning of metal parts and components, especially developed for the spray cleaning machines. Also suitable for highpressure washing and cleaning the tanks for cutting fluids.

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A lubricant for use in demanding industrial, maintenance department and repair shop conditions, and with chains, gears, joints, hinges, locks, cables, etc.

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White vaselin

White vaselin for targets that require a lubricant with a high level of pressure tolerance and wear: slide bearings, gears, ball bearings, hinges, etc.

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Zinc coating

Protective coating for steel and metal structures. For protecting untreated, painted and damaged surfaces.

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