Personal hygiene


Finnish, unscented Erisan for sensitive skin

The Finnish Erisan range is developed in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation. Gentle and unscented products help the skin to strengthen its natural barrier against the harsh Finnish climate. The ingredients are pure, tested and safe. The range includes a wide range of skin and hair products as well as laundry detergents.


Erioil, a true favourite for over 40 years

The Finnish Erioil skincare range includes effective, moisturizing lotions and creams for hands, body and feet. The range includes scented and unscented products. More than 40 years old Erioil Moisturizing Lotion has become a real classic.


Mild and safe Linna products for the whole family

The classic, Finnish Linna Shampoo is more than 50 years old. Linna products are mild and safe and suitable for the whole family. The range includes shampoos, a conditioner and shower gel.


Frina belongs to the Finnish sauna

Frina bath sponges are ideal for skin cleaning and exfoliating (dry scrubbing). The range includes both two-sided sponges (rough and smooth side) and rough sponges. 


TuuliTukka – a hairspray classic

The classic TuuliTukka hairspay gives strong hold to even the most demanding hairstyles. 


Allergy and Asthma Federation