Our branches are

  • Primary production
  • Food hygiene
  • Commercial kitchens and HoReCa
  • General cleaning
  • Laundries
  • Industry
  • Hospital hygiene
  • Housekeepings


Primary production
For primary production we offer a wide selection of product and method solutions supporting safe production at different types of farms. 

Food hygiene
In food industry, high-level hygiene is a prerequisite to high-quality food. Our services and products ensure functional production processes.  

Commercial kitchens and HoReCa
In professional kitchens and HoReCa business we help our customers to produce high-quality services. We offer solutions for surface cleansing and dishwashing as well as personal hygiene.  

General cleaning
Our wide selection of products and methods tailored for general cleanings needs helps create cleanliness in an effective, safe and ecological way.   

Safe high-quality products developed for laundries wash clean without wearing out the textiles. Our experts are happy to help you find the right method and dosing.  

For industry applications we offer total solutions for washing and chemical maintenance. Our wide selection of services and products helps ensure uninterrupted production and high-quality end products in metals and pulp and paper industries. 

Hospital hygiene
The high hygiene of public health services in advanced by KiiltoClean hospital and personal hygiene products that help fight infections an prevent contagion

Our consumer products for skincare, textile washing, cleaning and personal hygiene products are trusted and safe brands for everyday use for the entire family.