Where do our products come from?


Our products are developed in Turku and Lempäälä, Finland. That’s where ideas are refined into actual products and tested to ensure that they also work as intended. The environmental friendliness and safety of the products are self-evident to us, and we are very enthusiastic about developing products that are even more environmentally friendly!

Our products are manufactured at our production plants in Turku and Niemisjärvi in Hankasalmi. The Key Flag origin mark indicates that a product has been manufactured or a service produced in Finland. The symbol gives consumers the chance to select a Finnish alternative and, through their own purchase choices, have an impact on their own life and that of other people. The Association for Finnish Work monitors use of the Key Flag symbol.

We manufacture liquid detergents for the Russian market near St. Petersburg in northwest Russia. Operations at the modern plant in Sertolovo started in 2004. Centralised production and warehousing guarantee reliable deliveries.

In addition to Russia and the Baltic countries, KiiltoClean Oy also exports products to countries such as the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Scandinavia and Poland. We focus on the safety and environmental friendliness of deliveries by ensuring that transports meet all legal requirements.


Turku factories


Solvent factory; liquid detergents. Separate production unit for flammable products

  •  industrial chemicals
  •  cleaning products
  •  dishwashing products
  •  hospital hygiene products

Powder factory; powder detergents
  •  detergents for textiles
  •  powder dishwashing products
  •  industrial grease-removal
  •  detergents for primary production

Aerosol factory: aerosol production. Cleanspace production.

  •  technical aerosols
  •  eye rinses
  •  salt solutions



Hankasalmi factory

Liquid detergents production.

Sertolovo factory in Russia

Built in 2004
Manufacturing and storing of the liquid detergents for Russian markets.


Products and packaking material is stored in Raisio, Finland.