KiiltoClean is the leading Finnish supplier of hygiene and cleaning solutions. Consideration of the environment and safety is a natural and everyday part of our operations. KiiltoClean serves its customers in all sectors that require a high level of hygiene and cleanliness.


KiiltoClean as a responsible partner

One of the basic pillars of KiiltoClean operations is close and confidential co-operation with customers. We help our customers to create cleanliness in an efficient, economic and safe manner. We do our part to provide the conditions our customers require in order to meet their own responsibility targets.


We implement responsibility in practical operations

  • KiiltoClean offers a unique selection of cleaning agents to meet each customer’s needs.
  • Product information that complies with the laws is visible on all our products and safety data sheets and procedural instructions are also available for each product.
  • We provide our customers with guidance and advice concerning the proper and safe use of our products. We can arrange a customer needs survey to provide the foundation for training.
  • Our technical maintenance and spare parts service and other expert assistance are available throughout the country.
  • Our products comply with the EC’s Detergents Regulation (648/2004/EC).
  • We forecast future laws and acts in our product development and operations.
  • KiiltoClean’s production process has been planned with the best possible consideration for the environment and to minimize emissions to air and water.
  • We observe the principle of continuous improvement in everything we do.
  • We pass on the latest information to our customers quickly and effectively, for example, by means of our online service.

Responsibility for people – personnel, customers and the society around us


Product safety

At KiiltoClean, product safety applies to the entire product lifecycle and related choices: raw material and packaging choices, manufacturing, distribution, use, user training and waste disposal.


Environmental responsibility

KiiltoClean products are mainly developed and manufactured in Finland, safely and with consideration to the environment. KiiltoClean takes environmental aspects into account throughout the product lifecycle.


Social responsibility

Social responsibility at KiiltoClean means ensuring the well-being of the personnel, confidential customer and supplier co-operation, and responsible activities with respect to the society around us and other stakeholders.


Financial responsibility

Profitable company activities enable further development. KiiltoClean has a long history of being a strong family enterprise, and this enables long-term, confidential and sustainable co-operation with customers.