Swan Ecolabel also guarantees the effectiveness and functionality of cleaners


Every Finn can minimise the impacts that household cleaning has on nature through their product choices, cleaning methods and the right dosage. The Swan ecolabel not only guarantees a better choice for the environment but also product functionality. The goal of product development for Kiilto household cleaning products is always a functional and safe product and the Swan ecolabel. Now nearly half of the household cleaning agents produced by KiiltoClean have the Swan ecolabel.

More than 100,000 chemicals are produced around the world. There are 30,000 different compounds on the market in Europe alone. The range of products is vast and the environmental impacts of the chemical load are indisputable. Ecolabels like the Swan logo help consumers make a better choice in terms of the environment.

“Household cleaning products with the Swan ecolabel have gone through a very tough screening process that involves testing performed by an independent body. Criteria are set for different product groups, taking into account consumption of natural resources and energy, harmful emissions, noise, odour, waste and the possibility for recycling,” outlines Virva Mäkelä, Product Development Director at KiiltoClean.

Fifteen Finnish Kiilto household cleaning products have been granted the Swan ecolabel. Kiilto products are developed and manufactured in Finland with consideration to Finnish homes and materials. This is also indicated by the Key Flag symbol on the packages.

“Along with user safety and functionality, environmental friendliness plays an important role in the development work for new products. The ecolabel provides a product with a strong competitive edge,” continues Mäkelä.

The effectiveness of Swan ecolabelled products has been tested

“A product marked with the Nordic ecolabel, also known as the Swan ecolabel, has been assessed as having a more ecological lifecycle than corresponding products of the same type. The Swan ecolabel also guarantees that the cleaner works, because the effectiveness of products that meet the criteria has also been tested," explains Heidi Kähkönen, Product Development Manager at KiiltoClean.

A rapidly biodegradable product is also a better choice for the environment. For example, Kiilto all-purpose cleaners are all at least 95% rapidly biodegradable. Biodegradability means that in nature a substance breaks down into smaller components , such as carbon and water.

Swan ecolabel for all household surfaces

The Kiilto product range includes effective and environmentally friendly alternatives for all cleaning needs. In the Kiilto Home Cleaner line, for example, the new Ice Crystal fragrance and the unscented, dye-free and Allergy-labelled Airi Home Cleaner have both received the Swan ecolabel.

When you want a natural fragrance for your home and a sure-fire classic that washes everything from carpets to sauna benches, Kiilto Pine Soap liquid is the right choice. It also has the Swan ecolabel. Kiilto has Swan-labelled products for cleaning all types of floors: e.g. Kiilto Laminate Cleaner, Kiilto Parquet Cleaner and the unscented, dye-free and Allergy-labelled Kiilto Airi Floor Cleaner.


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