We have renewed Erisan Nonsid mild liquid soap. In addition to the Allergy label, the product is now rewarded with a Nordic Ecolabel, the Swan. The upgraded products will be available in June 2015.


Responsibility is reflected in our work: environmental values ​​are important. For the products we develop, we use the best available, environmentally-consuming scarce raw materials and recyclable packaging materials.


When choosing skin nourishing and environmentally safe product composition, we also simplified the product name to match the whole Erisan range. Erisan Mild liquid soap is suitable for the hands, the skin and hair. Product Logo ErisanPro has a promise:  the product is intended for frequent professional use and always a safe choice for the sensitive skin.

In order to serve you as well as possible, the product codes remain as they are, only the EAN codes will be changed.



Erisan Mild liquid soap, packages and product codes:


6x500 ml pump bottle         product code 8020     EAN 6417964080209                                      

6x1 l dispenser package     product code 8019     EAN 6417964080193

3x5 l canister                     product code 8021     EAN 6417964080216                



Päivi Godden

Product manager


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