Kiilto Dose - Simply ingenious dosing solution

Kiilto Dose has been designed and manufactured in Finland. The Kiilto Dose dispenser is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to refill. Its shape is beautiful and practical. The 400 ml light plastic packaging is ecological. It lasts for a long time, with minimized waste and is 100% recyclable. The dosing plug is the key to this ingenious dosing solution. It reliably doses 1.5 ml of product each time. One dose is plenty for washing hands, for example. The dual piston solution of the pump plug does not allow replacement air into the bottle, so contents stay fresh and hygienic.

Care Dose

Kiilto Care products and the unique packaging solution have been designed to be used in the Kiilto Dose dispensing solution. Care Dose product range is everyday luxury: refreshment, colours and light fragrances. Care Dose Soap is suitable for washing hands and the body, Care Dose Shampoo both washes and conditions hair, Care Dose Hair & Body shower gel for the body and the hair brings relaxing freshness to shower time. The Nordic Ecolabel, the Swan, is a sign of the products’ environmentally friendly high quality. Light fragrances will remain on the skin for a short while; the freshness will remain for longer!

Erisan Dose

Erisan product range is suitable for everyone. Erisan Dose products have been developed to be compatible with Kiilto Dose dispenser. These unscented and uncoloured products are favoured by families with children, and people with sensitive skin. These mild products are suitable for washing hands, hair and body. In addition to the logo of the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation, Erisan Dose Soap washing liquid and Erisan Dose Hair & Body shower shampoo also have the Swan logo. These products can be positioned in allergy rooms and premises where scents are avoided. Erisan   products are developed in collaboration with the Allergy and Asthma Federation.

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