Primary production

Good primary production hygiene guarantees a quality end result

The starting point for high quality Finnish food are safety, cleanliness and taste as well as a quality chain that stretches from the field to the table. Primary production hygiene guarantees a quality end result, because the cleanliness of raw materials cannot be compensated for during any other stage of the foodstuff chain.

Farmos products are traditional, reliable Finnish cleaning and hygiene products. We have been developing our hygiene expertise for nearly 60 years in co-operation with milk producers, dairy advisors and the authorities.

The Farmos product series - our solution for farm hygiene

With regard to agriculture, hygiene plays a key role in both production and well-being. We offer farms cleaning and hygiene solutions under the familiar Farmos trademark.

  • Our product selection includes all the products for
  • Machine circulate washing
  • Disinfecting washing
  • Washing and cleaning surfaces
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Animal washing